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Our Boys

Prince William Khol of Briarcliff

Prince William Khol of Briarcliff


Smokey is a very large half English/half American Black Labrador Retriever.  His coat is spectacular!  He is very athletic and is such a lover.  He is very empathetic and will do just about anything to make you laugh.  He was the inspiration behind the BellyLaff name.  He has an excellent pedigree with all three colors on both sides.  We get many inquiries on when he will have puppies next.  He has excellent OFA hips and elbows, a great DNA panel and is my personal Therapy/Service dog.  His stud fee is $1,500.00.

Tex Berra

Tex Berra


Tex is a medium half English/half American Yellow Labrador Retriever with a perfect face! He has a very smooth coat and is a low shedder. Tex has had his own Facebook page since he was a puppy because he has many fans. He is a genuine goofball, but all kidding aside has one of our most impressive pedigrees with champion bloodlines on both sides for generations. He is also very athletic and has incredible muscle-tone to show it. He is a great addition to any Labrador bloodline and has excellent OFA hips and elbows, a clean DNA panel and has all yellow and cream on both sides of his pedigree for at least the last five generations. His stud fee is $1,500.00.

Judge Xander Kingsguard of Briarcliff

 Judge Xander Kingsguard of Briarcliff


Judge is the best of both bloodlines from Briarcliff Kennels/BellyLaff Labradors. He will be a medium half English half American beauty.  He is sired by Tex Berra and his mom is Bailey Queen of The Den, a littermate of our own Prince William Khol of Briarcliff.  Both parents have great OFA hips and elbows and very clean DNA panels through Embark DNA services.  This litter was whelped New Year's Day 2018.  We expect big things out of this boy.  He will produce mostly yellow and cream but does have black and chocolate in his lineage.  He's not up for stud just yet, not until Spring of 2020, but he will be the best of the best when he is ready.

Our Girls

Olivia of Briarcliff

My Beloved Olivia of Briarcliff

Full English Yellow Labrador Retriever

Who can ever say enough about Olive? She was a BellyLaff celebrity before we even brought her home. She comes from a long line of impressive dogs. Her pedigree is filled with all the great things you look for in a Labrador Retriever. She is our youngest, and already, she rules the roost. She came to us all the way from Minnesota, from one of the most incredible breeders I have ever met. I laid eyes on this girl only once (online), and I knew she was my dog. She is currently in training to be my personal Service dog and is extremely intelligent. She takes no grief from any of the older dogs here at Briarcliff, and she is the boss. There is mostly yellow throughout her immediate pedigree, but some black and chocolate a little further back. She has a very clean DNA profile from Embark DNA health screening services and has passed all prelims for OFA skeletal, heart and eyes. We can't wait to see what this baby can do. We will expect to start breeding her in the beginning of 2019, assuming she passes all imaging and clearances, but there is no doubt in our minds that she is of the highest standards attainable in a Labrador Retriever.


Westwood Vivienne Garish Style


Viva came to us all the way from the Ukraine from Garish Style Kennels and was 3x Junior Best In Show in Eastern Europe among several other accolades in her show ring career. We brought her to this country to start a new bloodline here at BellyLaff and couldn't be more pleased. She is as white as the Siberian tundra and has the face of an angel. Her name "Viva" means "Alive" and is quite appropriate. Off-leash, she is a true to form BellyLaff nut! On leash, an extremely well behaved and intelligent girl. We cannot wait to see the awesome puppies this girl will produce. The waiting list for her first two litters is quickly filling up. Submit your inquiry today to reserve yours.

Daisy Khol

BellyLaff's Crazy Daisy Khol

Half English/Half American Black Labrador Retriever

Crazy Daisy has definitely earned her spot here with us. We gave her the BellyLaff tag in her registered name because it is well deserved. This girl is absolutely silly. We expect her to be a cornerstone of our breeding program. She has a great DNA profile and good OFA hips and elbows from all family members on both sides. She has a very impressive pedigree with champion bloodlines and all three colors everywhere you look. We can't wait to see what this girl can do. She is intense, brave, and never easily rattled. We'll be hard-pressed to decide a particular path of training with her because she is just good at everything. We are looking forward to her first litter sometime in the spring of 2018.

Sophia Devereaux Queen of Damascus

Sophia Devereaux Queen of Damascus


Sophia came to us from one of the most respected breeders in the North East, Barbara Galati and BBLabs.  She is the daughter of "Cujo," and I am not at liberty to say what I had to do to convince Barbara to finally give me full registration on a Cujo pup.  He has produced some of the best pups you can find, including his son and soon to be competition for the ladies, "Trevor." Sophia has her dad written all over her and although we won't be breeding her Winter of 2020 or Spring 2021, we are already looking forward to her upcoming nuptials with our own Prince William Khol of Briarcliff as they will be "exclusive."  She has already made herself quite at home with the BellyLaff crew and, just like when Olivia was her age, takes no grief from anyone.